Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Save $650 on EclipseWorld through October 17

Genuitec is offering a special to anyone attending EclipseWorld: save over $500 off the regular attendance price, as well as an offset of all your carbon emissions to travel to the conference!

Just use the code "Genuitec" when registering.

Alternately.... Register by this Friday, October 17 and take advantage of BOTH BONUS Early Bird rate PLUS BAILOUT pricing!

*Three-Day Full Event Passport = $1,625 - $150 Bonus Early Bird Savings - $500 Bailout = $975

*Two-Day Technical Conference = $1,325 - $50 Bonus Early Bird Savings - $400 Bailout = $875

Simply use the code BAILOUT before
OCTOBER 17 when registering online to get these low admission prices!

Click here -

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