Wednesday, August 26, 2009

eComm goes to Europe

The inaugural eComm conference in Europe will be held Oct. 28-30 in Amsterdam’s unique Westergasfabriek cultural zone, following two acclaimed events in the San Francisco area.

Major topics for discussion at eComm Fall 2009 include:

  • New communication paradigms such as Google Wave and RebelVox;
  • Restructuring, marketplace threats and new "double-sided" business models, such as app stores, confronting traditional telecom companies;
  • Open communication platforms, with demonstrations of applications to show the power of convergence of Web, telco and mobile technologies;
  • Improving efficiency through communications innovation, particularly mobile enterprise applications and Communications-Enabled Business Processes (CEBP). Freephone 2.0?
  • Android Scripting Environment (ASE), iPhone 3.0 OS applications.
  • Operator futures -- bit-pipes, platforms or supermarkets?
  • Industry predictions; picture of the next 5 or 10 years;
  • Democratization of communications and communications innovation
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