Sunday, April 23, 2017

Major #IOT Announcement coming soon !!

Hi Open Source Tech people....

I got semi-exclusive access to a major IOT story several months ago, while working as a freelancer for Tech Target.  I offered them the story, subject to Dell's embargo, and I did receive an OK for the article.  But just a few days ago, a week after I had an update interview with Dell, the editor said they were not interested in the story....  Well, I still have that info and quotes from Dell and Linux Foundation principals.

So I will post a shortened version of my story HERE when the embargo is lifted.

That will be within 12 hours.

Although I haven't updated my blog for a while --  writing for Tech Target and Oakland Local and the Tribune /  East Bay Times  --  this is still my platform.

Please look for an update soon.
[Maybe before 9 pm PST]

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